Platforms are caosing issues

the platforms mainly in the mines are causing items and what i assume the new rock monsters to go through the floor of the mine layer it is on and eather get thrown out into the layer under it or get stuck in the ceiling of the layer under it and there has only ben one item being the big rocks the the rock monster drop to tellaport back and forth between the layers and while doing so it will still colide with tools and weapons but not players this telapoting can also happen to players as it has happens with a friend of mine no items were lost but they were thrown to the layer under the on ewe were on
Reproduction Steps:
so as far as making this happen constantly idk how this would be done with items but with a player it was where the platform was elevated a bit so the colder dint keep them from getting close to the underside of the platform to grab an item of ore that had just ben doped and the poof thay were thrown to the next layer

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