Player contracts

give each other quest that the game handles for you that you could set conditions for a reward and a quest bored that the tasked will be pin on for others to pick up reward and items would be sent to mail box

Core concept
a player could make a contract ex i
task: gather 8 red feathers
reward : iron pick
this way would give players task to do for others and could start an economy of sorts.

Could implement a “quest board“ for this in a frequently visited place or the tavern.


basically what i was thinking too but a better execution. thx


I love the base idea but at least for me it’s hard to imagine how the board should recognize when the deal is done. And how to protect the board from spammers?

It could cost to keep contracts up. As for filling a contract it could be done in a system where for every time the requester wants the contract filled it will have that many ribbons on the bottom of the contract, if someone wants to finish the contract they wrap the requested item(s) with one of the ribbons and put it in the mailing box. After all of the ribbons are used up the paper will do that blue fire burning thing or maybe get sent back to the requester in case they want to use it again.

There could also be different colors of ribbons to signify things, for example there could be blue and red ribbons, if the contract has say blue ribbons, then it can only be completed once per person, while red ribbons means the same person can do it a bunch. Though that does have the flaw of just having someone pay someone else to get their one time use of the contract.

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I love that idea!
It would need a single machine to make those quest pages and a board (like the map) but the players could use them in endless variations.
Like server owners could put up some quests like cleaning the town and miners could ask for an adventurer this way who protects them on their way.


YES we need this!