Player made camps

Camps that are craftable and player made.

It would be pretty cool if it was possible to journey out into the world and make these small outposts/camps that can be used for resource accumulation or as a safe area while out exploring and nighttime hits. Imagine you are out in the forest because you need to gather a lot of wood for a big project but won’t want to make a trip back and forth from town all the time, or if you need a safe area to be in while recovering from a fight.

The camps could even repel mobs so that you have a guaranteed spot to stay safe while out on your journeys.

Camps would only be useful if we had sleeping or mobs that hunt actively and don’t just have an agression radius. It’s a good idea for when we have a bigger map but we need a reason.

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Repealing monsters still is relevant since they walk around, but they aren’t really in any areas you would camp anyway, besides maybe a few spots or the mines.

And yeah the map really isn’t big enough to warrant it yet.