Player Muting

Mute other players

Core concept
Some players include profanity within their daily vocabulary and I would like a way around forcing them to remove it from their language. If we were able to mute one player specifically or just mute player audio from mics entirely, players could live in peace knowing their mothers aren’t going to be grounding them from the family PC because Johnny said a no-no word. It would also help introverts with having to deal with strangers in-game and we could get around having to deal with “that one guy with the bad mic” because he is always waiting out there to ruin the immersion.

Personal twist (optional)
Maybe just include it in the in-game options menu alongside muting your own mic?

Bumping this one as it’s baffling this function isn’t in the game yet. If you’ve met the ultrasonic kid like I did and nearly got your own eardrums busted you would want it too.