Player Polls

Having player polls between a few options is a nice way to settle what players want/need. For example, say that devs/players are discussing wether Houses should be like the menu location, or part of the map, this can be a simple poll to see what is more enjoyable for players.

  • OP didn’t complete the advanced tutorial for the website.
  • Wait we have polls?
  • All the above.

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cough cough

Go to the bot that welcomed you when you first joined, do the advanced tutorial and go make some polls, but try to make a few per idea, such as a poll on how many houses players should be able to own, where houses should be and another poll, so that we don’t have a bunch of posts for seprate polls, though people could add more in the replys.

You could also add more polls to the main post, but be careful not to edit the other polls or they will reset.

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Oh wow, I didn’t know we could do polls O.o

I also couldn’t find the advanced tutorial…

EDIT: found it. It takes you on a wild journey…
PMing Discobot with
@discobot start tutorial
also starts it.

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Just another note on this topic though. Polls are definitely great for reflecting what the community finds most appealing at the time, but won’t be the definitive decision for what we do.

House building instanced vs. in world for example, is something we’re pretty decided on, unless in-world proves to be technically infeasible. Happy to discuss more in the house building topic. Just @ me.

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Of course, but it gives you a better idea of what the community is thinking. It’s in no way the deciding fact since the community isn’t the devs.

wow i also had no idea this is possible

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