Players putting bags on shops as storage

It’s just really annoying how I wanna sell something but I see bags that are being stored in a shop thingy.

Just buy them out! That’ll send 'em a message.

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I mean, that’s assuming they store more than 999 coins worth of stuff in there, if not then they just make some coin.

I definitely don’t like this functionality in terms of game design. I would love to see the trade decks expanded, where maybe you could set up a shop that sold multiple things at different prices, and that way one person wouldn’t take up half the trade decks. But that’s a ways down the road if they liked that idea. For a quick fix, I think they should just remove the ability to put full bags on a trade deck. Empty bags, absolutely. I think selling empty bags is a great thing, but you can’t see what’s in a full bag, which makes it kind of terrible for the buyer. If you COULD see what was in them, maybe that would be cool. Like you could sell a miner’s backpack, with everything a miner might need. Or whatever. But for immediate purposes, I think they should just remove the ability to put up bags with stuff in them for sale.

However, inventory space is a huge issue in the game. If they remove the ability to keep full bags in the trade decks, some other expanded storage mechanism should be implemented. Even where you could rent storage like a trade deck, but just something that is actually MEANT for storage. That could solve the problem with the trade deck storage while still offering players the additional storage space that is pretty heavily needed in the game.

I don’t think removing an exploit to store more calls for more storage, part of the problem with storage is people doing a bunch of different jobs, which then has the problem of a lot of community stuff doesn’t always work out so players fall back on being the entire town in one player. So that should probably addressed instead of just giving more space, though I think I remember something that housing would have some storage which would help the system by basically having rented storage and if the rent is two high for one person starting out it works well to have a group rent a house and make like a pusoudo guild/community where a lot of the problems of players taking stuff just to keep, since you could set up a kitchen area (room with chests for cooking) in the building where people could drop off food if they like and the house cook could have a nice place to leave all of those ingredients for cooking. Same with a lot of other stuff.

Oh yeah definitely. I just meant that in the game as it exists right now more storage would be pretty necessary. Once they rebalance the game so you can specialize in something other than blacksmithing+mining without having to DO blacksmithing+mining, I think the current storage options will end up being just fine. And yeah, with housing, the whole thing will probably become an obsolete discussion, depending on how they implement it.

I kind of get that, on another level I see it as we will most likely get more inv slots for stuff once we get stack limits since right now one slot can hold way too much in a stack, but then the same slot can hold a single weapon.

Yeah that’s true. I think the stacking limits will ultimately be a good thing, but will be a quality of life reduction for immediate purposes.

Oh yeah if it’s just stack limits it would make things a pain, but it could allow them to give a good amount of extra slots without making storage ridiculous.

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