Please allow 2 of the blade splitters, axes, pickaxes, or hammers on the strait handle

Essentially allow a pickaxe + axe or pickaxe + hammer or hammer + fancy blades on the back.

Many people were starting to discover the wonders of multi-tools and they miss having pickaxe-axes. It is such a space saver especially when someone doesn’t mine or wood chop much. I feel like it is balanced enough to return to the game.

That would be great, though we could just have single tool pieces that do both, much like the chisel hammer.

In what way does a chisel and hammer do both?

One side works as a chisel, one side works as a hammer

But you need a hammer to use the chisel.

Ohh I understand. What you are saying is what I was trying to pitch in the original post. Having 2 tool heads on one handle.

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It’s not really usefull but I do it because I can and it allows flexibility in which one you hold and also if one head breaks you can still finish whatever your making.

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