Please make it not possible to grab a backpack from your back when holding a climbing grip in one hand

We already have to empty the front 2 belt slots to make sure items arent grabbed there when climbing. but when you have a backpack on (even a light one that seems thematically appropriate for climbing) any overhead reach anywhere behind the head area is likely to pull the pack from your back. this can be fatal for a climber as they scramble to put the pack back on with one hand while draining stamina with the other. or you can just lose a valuable backpack. teleport movement is already disabled when holding a climbing grip with one hand. can we please add backpack grabbing, and grabbing anything from the backpack’s attachment points to that list of things that cannot be done while climbing?

the belt slot grabbing is an issue but im ok with leaving those empty. but we shouldnt have to worry about accidentally grabbing and losing our backpacks too. its taking a lot from the hard earned climbing skill for me since i wont climb a lot of things knowing that the grabs i would have to make are most likely going to grab my pack and make me fall. Please make this change.

After all… we are taught by the tower to ignore inventory interference while climbing.

It might be cool if they make the game prioritize climbing over grabbing items.

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since it already prioritizes climbing over item grabbing pretty often when im trying to get things from shelves and stuff id be nervous about doing this. i have to fight with my own hands now when i want to grab ingots from the smelter as i grab every part of the smelter wall around the ingots hopper before finally getting the ingots.

Weird, I heard there was a menu button to turn climbing on and off.

Yeah, somebody spread that false info around for some reason.

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If that’s the case, maybe it could side between item and wall based on some factors, if you’re not actively climbing (standing on ground) then it sides with grabbing items, if not then it sides with climbing, though in theory they could make it so your hands have to get even closer to climb things.

mode switching isnt a bad idea if its done right. maybe a single hand clap motion can activate it and it could deactivate either with a clap or by timing out when no more climbing grabs happen after a few seconds. that might suck for people trying to catch themselves after an unexpected fall but its better than emptying your pockets as you climb up every wall.

but I think the best solution is just to have climbing remain always on and disallow backpack and inventory use while a grip is maintained and for a second or two after a grip is released to avoid unwanted inventory use while launching yourself between distant grips. no one is stopping to have a sword fight or eat lunch in the middle of a climb. we just do not need our inventories active while climbing. And this is especially the case since they train us to ignore inventory while climbing by disabling it in the tower

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