Poison plants in forest

Description: So whenever I go near a poisonous plant it ends up instant killing me. It depletes my health all the way down when I move away from it. I heard it should stop taking your health away when you move far away from the poisonous plant.

Reproduction Steps: ???‽

Server: EU Legacy Server

Time: 12:30

Dicord Username: Loki Zerfu #0834

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

May I ask how many HP you have? The flower’s poison does hurt some time, even when leaving it’s mist. It doesn’t instantly stop. Never did and the name death fern may explain, why it’s so deadly.

I have the starter amount of hp. I recently just joined ATT.

Then I highly recommend to avoid those plants. They are pretty dangerous as you saw and that is no bug. If you have the chance, try to find a skilled player to go with you or try to shoot those plants from a save distance

Yea those plants, if you leave the poison cloud it does 4 bars of after damage, so usually you end up with taking 6 to 7 bars of damage.

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if your just starting out, always remember to bring a bow and a few arrows, or a slingshot and a bunch of rocks, that is always the best way to remove them from existence, just remember to keep a distance 'cause they explode into poison gas when you kill them.