Portable map

A scroll of paper that can be made into a map. Instead of going to the map boards, holding a map and going to an undiscovered location automatically discovers and puts a name over the location.

I swear there is a post already for maps but I can’t for the life of me find it

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I tried looking for one too but i couldn’t find any. It would be cool though if this was added.

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Yeah, in the post I swear happened (maybe it was discord?) I think I suggested different ways of storing maps, so you could have a tube to store a map in to keep it in good condition, take time to fold it for moderate condition or crumple it up and put it in a slot for a quick way to ruin it, would make the maps need more care and knowledge to use, which seems fitting for something normally so delicate.


Maybe at first you have to go by landmarks like a real map and eventually you can upgrade it to make it track everything like the big maps.

That is a balanced way if they add maps. It would be really cool!

Very interesting. That is a very good idea though.