Portable maps and Walkie Talkie

a portable map that you can hold anywhere

and a walkie talkie that can be used from any distance but has static in it


I like the idea of a portable map a lot. The map would have to craft-able of course, perhaps it may be held in a newly designed side bag specialized for holding a map on your adventures. You would need to claim the lands on your map by using the rest posts, which are just what I call the areas where you can unlock land areas on the already made maps for ATT.

However, I am not fond of the idea of a walkie talkie. I feel like it doesn’t fit the mood and aesthetic of A Township Tale. When I play ATT I feel like I’m in a medieval town whereas if walkie talkies were implemented I would feel as if we’re in a medieval town with technology that was invented way in the future in 1937, which for me would completely break the mood I get from ATT.