Potion Gauntlet

Allows the use/storage of a potion quickly without taking an inventory slot.

Similar to a potion bottle, but shaped to fit around the wrist. The bottle could be removed and filled with any type of liquid. The stopper would face towards the wearer to allow quick access. Could be crafted out of metal by a blacksmith.

Maybe a 2nd variant that is split to allow 2 types of liquid/uses.

Maybe instead of it being just something on your wrist it’s a whole letter gauntlet that runs up your arm with little tubes that contain potion

This seems a bit strange to me, perhaps instead it could be an arm mounted vial holder and not some crazy steampunk bottle gauntlet. This idea mentions vials and I think it wouldn’t be too hard to be able to hold those vials in a little thing on your shoulder or forearm, as well as your hip. Perhaps there could also be other things that could go on the wrist if besides normal gauntlets like the dagger holster in this idea.


I like this, though it could also easily be a vest with places to put vials, would be a good trade off between armor and vial storage.