Potion/poison drinking from bottle rework

So, in the current game, for flask, you just dump things on your head.
For gourds, there used to be a sip function as bowl, but it is deleted, so now, you just dump things on your head the same way as using a flask.
But I feel it should work like you just move it near your mouth to actually drink it, similar to how we eat food.
Because now 3 out 10 times, I dump all two shots of TP from a gourd on me and I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, may be because of my dumping aim?
To avoid accidental drinking as you just want to look into it and check how much you have left in a gourd, it first the whole drinking process takes a bit of time instead of instant, second, it should keep making a swallowing sound during the drinking process to indicate players they are drinking, instead of only a sip sound at the end right before the effect kicks in.
Imagine how eating a chunk of raw pumpkin, it takes a bit of time, you have to hold your hand right in front of your mouth, and it keeps making that chewing sound, but change it to swallowing sound, also a bit faster than eating raw pumpkin.

This so much, drinking is such a pain right now. I think also letting players take a sip quicker by doing a “swig” action, basically flask at lips, lifting up head and flask at the same time and back, would be good too, since it would be hard to do that action accidentally.


Hey Edit, I love that swig action so much, so there will be a steady way of “just put it near mouth and slowly enjoy it” and a in a hurry way of “I am just gonna check it”.
And players can do either or depending on situation or their liking.