Pretty good. Mostly intuitive

Oh and hey, don’t see a feedback thing or anything, BUT I was really impressed with what township tale has. Haven’t marveled at a game, not even a vr game, since I was a little kid and saw 3d graphics for the first time. Lots of intuitive stuff that just made sense, and though I gotta say I have no idea what else I’m doing, that first impression was really good. Was particularly impressed when I found out I could light my torch using someone else’s lit torch. Good choice on the tutorial world.

Running around a bit in the overworld afterwards I had a good look at a those tree mobs, some altar with a holographic axe that I hit a tree length til a bell sounded, and had a hell of a time figuring out how to lift a bucket. Found out later that it was two handed. Probably needs an indicator that it is. No idea if I’m doing damage or not to the tree people, which was a little frustrating. I hit them and got sound effects + FX, but I couldn’t see any sort of indicator of damage, texture or otherwise. Also checked out the mines and nearly got lost in the darkness, didn’t expect it to get that dark.

Oh and the throwing is pretty good, even if not perfect, though I understand how difficult that would be to get right. You guys have done better than a lot of other games I’ve tried. Overall the game’s pretty cool. I look forward to figuring out the crafting.

This game is lit, this will be one of the top vr games one day, and it already one of the best.

This is some really good feedback! It’s good to be able to see someone’s fresh perspective on the game!