Problem with own's server since update

Description: Since this update, we can manage our server, but their is an issue : We can block our own access to the server !

Reproduction Steps: After the update, i start ma game and connected, than did some basic action. The night come, and i want to try the new panel for manage the server (own server, nobody else in other than me, a perfect solo game for discover basics). 1st problem : no panel . . . Ok, still continue, and starting to see stranges bugs, like the torch flying around my hand, and if i throw it, it come back unless i put in on support. Plus : i can’t light them ! But can still grab other things. I take some screens, then restart the game for reconnect. But a message tell me : “Server Rejected Join Error: Checking Player.” !
I say it on the discord, restart the pc, the Vr oculus : nothing.
Repair, Uninstall + Reinstall : nothing !
After sending the log to and tech support, i just wait a little, then à tried some other things :slight_smile:

1- all other servers or ok, only my own. Some other person have same problem with their own server too
2- i check the “version” at the launcher, and switch the release (main- version to supporter (release- A download latter, i restart the game again, and try to connect several times my server :
first attent : “couldn’t connect, try again in a minute”
2nd : “Couldn’t connect : wrong version of the game, please update”
3rd and more : “Wrong Version”

Then i decide to switch again version to the 72.4.
A good thing : i could connect to my server !!! With a roll back oO"

I decided to do some test.
-I disconnected / reconnected : still work
-Light torch : ok
-Drop a flamed torch : ok
-Disco / reco again : ok
-Tried to open the server config : nothing happened…
-Replace the torch : ok
-Light an other : ok
-disco / reco again : ROLL BACK AGAIN before i replace the torch, it was still flaming in the ground !!!

SO ! i think the probleme come from the Server Config Pannel IN GAME ^^
We must not open it at all ! If we do, the game crash but still continue and start stack some bug until it break.

I said all this in the #tech-support of the discord.

Server: own’s

Dicord Username: Krän#5998

“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” message for uploading log. ^^"
Some screens for the bug and and other on the discord at #tech-support.