Procedural Forest

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This is a great idea. I think that having a procedurally generated forest is a great way to make the game a little more exiting without inducing as much PTSD as the mines do. However, I’m not sure how this would work with heart flowers.


I’m interested in knowing if this means having the forest change every time you go in it or if this is for generating a different forest per server. If it is the former I hope it’s just for a magic forest and not all the forests.

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It would be cool to have woods that seem to change every time you re-enter. But it’d have to be a dark forest shrouded in fog like the lost woods from BOTW, maybe lighter than that though.


I totally agree with it being foggy. A foggy, infinite forest seems like it would work really well.

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That would need either things to at least change a little bit, maybe have the player to be teleported to a different spot when they are isolated enough that they would not be able to notice or just rotated. I think just having a large and dense forest would be best and if anything like a what you described was to be added, it would be best to keep it to a “magic forest” that can be accessed at a few points in the main forest, possibly spots that change.

The magic forest being the one that changes every time you enter, though it would be cool if the magic forest had some sense to the madness to the point where a very dedicated, and quite possibly mad, player could teach themselves how to navigate it.

Maybe it can be an isolation zone, nobody can enter together (unless within 1 min or so of each other), that way, the forest can be client side and it actually will change each time it’s entered. It would not change much, only the placement of trees, the overall size does not change. After a few visits you will notice that the trees change, almost as if they can move… There are also ancient ruins of strongholds (or a different town) now consumed by vegetation scattered throughout this forest that contain some loot fairly similar to what is found in the mines. The trees in Hazy Hollow (my name for it, feel free to change) would be unchoppable, as this area is more of an adventure area and this will make it so people can’t abuse the randomize mechanic to their advantage and get tons of wood. The loot in chests would take the normal amount of time to respawn, as the location of chests and crates does not change.

I’ll write a full blown idea tomorrow

I don’t think it being client side would be good, would make it too easy to exploit. I’d just say the place would be server side and change every X amount of hours, not sure what to do if a player is in it though.

I think the Hazy Hollow should be constructed on a grid, and every time it’s reconstructed, the squares get jumbled up, there would be some kind of markers, such as stones with engraved images that denote their location to other stones/significant squares (like a clearing with food or an area to escape the forest). The thing that would make this truly a magic forest is if the devs could make it so that a square that is to the right of one square might not be to the left of that other square so the forest can’t be mapped as a basic 2D plain.

I’ll make up an image to illustrate this.

You bring a fair point, the grid idea is good, but remember, the trees are the only thing that moves. Also, how would players who are inside the woods during the grid switch be dealt with? I have an idea for that. The hollow is normally shrouded in a semi-thick fog with enough penetrating sunlight to give a soft, sunny glow allowing the player to see fairly well. But when the switch occurs, the fog thickens and closes in to the point where it is as dark as the mines… Any fire based light source’s flame becomes dim and barely allows you to see the ground and about a meter in front of you with it. If you look hard enough, you can make out the sillouhettes of the trees moving around you, but when you get close they are gone. You then hear silence for a good 10-20 seconds followed by everything gradually returning to normal.

So there is no grid spaces, the trees move with a set of loose rules (no more than x meters between each tree, stay within the forest boundaries, etc.).

When did that rule appear? Since I brought up the idea of a magic forest that changes that hasn’t come up as needing to be a rule.

I think having every tree move from their locations would be a lot harder to add, then squares that add or remove a few groups of trees based on it’s location to other squares.

Said this in my first post after your’s. Also, if squares was how it worked, how would any ruins or loot larger than 1 square in size work? How is it objectively easier to have squares than what I said? How would players who are inside the forest during the grid switch be sorted out?

Easy, squares don’t have to be the same size, so a large ruin could take one grid space, but be three times as big.

I think a better way to explain it is that each square of the grid is an bit of map that a player gets moved to while moving across squares, so they wouldn’t need to be the same size.

I think I was a bit fast one that one, sorry, especially since the grid thing is getting a bit contemplated, but I still don’t think just shuffling the trees will do much besides make areas not visually identifiable, at least not easily, but a map would make the forest a cake walk.

Might have missed that, but it’s still an idea of what it is, not a hard and fast rule. Look back I think you might want the forest more like a normal map that is just a little hard to get around.

I think it would be better if it is possible to enter with others so that you can hear their voices and try to follow them out if they got an idea to exit vice versa. But maybe the mics of the players get lowered automatically upon entering. Also I think that the thick fog while cause for separation of groups since sight will be limited

Like something you can go in as a group, but you got to be very careful about?

I thought i mentioned that to be able to enter together you would have to hold hands or something like that… Maybe not

Please add a lot of sound effects to the forest.
I think that sounds are essential for immersion.

So please add sound effects like:

  • hooting owls
  • rustling trees and bushes
  • swirling wind that travels through the branches of the trees
  • Special stepping sound
  • running foxes

It needs to create the illusion that everything around you is alive and moving, even though you cant see.
Hold up, im gonna write a full idea.

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Don’t see it but if so even better.

Exactly :clap:. I totally agree!

I like the wing and rustling, but I’m not sure about sounds coming from things that aren’t in the game, one thing that is immersion breaking to me is when you hear something that you know isn’t there. But lots of ambient sounds would still be good, we could even have some from the spriggulls.