Progressive climbing reward

Change climbing challenge to give smaller bonuses at each checkpoint.

Core concept
Instead of having to reach the top, what if every checkpoint gave you something for accomplishing it since many people may not be able to for one reason or another (acrophobia, motion sickness, skill, etc). Like the first checkpoint could let you climb only wood, then next checkpoint lets you climb ground slopes, then next checkpoint is stone, etc. Or even something like limited climbing stamina that gets extended with each checkpoint.

Personal twist (optional)
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to complete it legitimately due to the heights getting to me so I had to have a braver friend Uber me to the top via teleport but the climbing mechanic is a lot of fun and I’d hate for others like me to miss out.

I’ve sort of thought of this idea too, but in a different way.
I personally thought that reaching checkpoint 3 would allow you to climb specified places, or just only certain materials, like you said.

Also climbing is just not woking right on index controllers, being much much harder with long jumps and sidejumps nearly impossible with knuckles. And if you manage to suffer through it all and still get the skill it turns out it’s more of a curse on index as it makes grabbing stuff much harder, turning even something like taking item from a shelf into a challenge.

So climbing should get more of a fix in general.