Pumpkin carving for halloween

Pumpkin carving so I can hold a festival for my town.

Carving for wripe pumpkins for when you first slice with a small knife to a side It’ll carve the pumpkin randomly or a pattern can be made to customize it.

Maybe being able to put a light in it like dried grass to light it so it’ll light up like a torch, Hope you like my idea!

Very Minecraft :jack_o_lantern:
Idk about picking designs, but I would enjoy being able to cut chunks from a pumpkin on an individual basis rather than splitting the whole thing.
1 stab for a face, pops out 1 chunk.
2nd stab for a big open hole (or split in half)
Further breakdown past that.

They could have a couple pre-set patterns that just get randomly picked either during crop growth, or during carving.

Maybe hitting the side causes a carve, and the top splits it the old-school way.