PvP Damage

I know…PvP probably not important :3 But The damage to other players are far too HIGH Oh my LORD! Again…pvp probably not supposed to be here in this type of game xD but player trolls give new players NO chance of any progress. You lose everything and they take everything. makes people leave and leave players with the highest gear only to randomly just roam around trolling everyone that pops into that server. If there is PvP at least don’t make people lose everything (From Player Kill) extremely imbalanced just because of 1 hit KO attacks from Lightning arrows and Purple weapons. Shields are useless, Purple weapons they barely have to swing to give the other player extreme amounts of damage…or death, Lightning arrows kill you INSTANTLY from afar, giving you no chance (If you are new) There are too many Trolls (At least in the PvP) But of course it’s pvp, No one is going to fix or balance this at all. ok Rant over :smiley: I know it’s PvP…but PLEASE Gods of Township Tale we need a Balance! Or something so we don’t die 5 seconds in from people ruling the server~ <3

I dont know what magical land you play on, but in my experience player damage is super low, but then again i played on us when i had my only pvp experience in a consensual duel. Even so, if you catch the name of the player who killed you, you can report them and possibly get your items back.

I play in the magical World of (Pvp Tale) where people die in 1 to 2 hits randomly from PKing in the Blacksmith, Carpenter or cook area when they toss dynamite or slash you with a Purple weapon while you are crafting :smiley: and I’ll do that~

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oh, well in that case everything is completely legal, i would suggest all new players play on pve servers if they dont like that kind of thing

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PvP is meant to be survival of the fittest tho. Just keep running till you have gear is the only advice I can give you. Usually people don’t even try to chase if you tp, cuz it just isn’t worth it.

I play on PvP tale, and PvP is in a really bad place right now for this game. It’s not a priority, because this is meant to be cooperative game, and I understand that, but it would be nice to get an update to PvP.
Arrows are low key useless in the current meta, and “purple weapons” aka. Valyian does in fact 2 shot.
I’ve ranted about this before, but nothing is fun about people teleporting around in circles slamming their sword into the ground.
Edit: I’m very late lol, idk why I saw this in my recents tab?

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I like your suggestion, but personally I like the competition between players. I just suggest to fix the killing of new players is to make the town a safe zone where damage is none or reduced. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for the topic Thewufflebiscut and please continue to suggest topics. Bye.