PVP no players on map

No players on map

Core concept
Showing players on map makes PVP too easy to pop strength potions and jump people as they’re coming at you. PVP would be so much more fun and the element of surprise would be epic without showing players on map. If you don’t show players on map more people can hide and be able to survive longer without getting jumped. This would make PVP so much more fun because you constantly need to look over your back and always worry about who’s around you.

I think hiding makes a lot sense in both defensive and offensive matters for PvP server, as you want to hide some where because you just witnessed a crime from afar and you are yet not ready for troubles to find you, or you hide some where to ambush those who passing by.
One look to the map will make all actions alike impossible.
But in my options, map should still be there, and it can only shows the position of others those who friended with you, but hides all “strangers”.


I think that is what he meant, besides the friend being shown suggestion, which you beat me to.

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Yeah, it is pretty much what he meant, I was agreeing also confirming with him, just forgot to add “I agree with you” to the beginning of my post XD.