Quest Item Duplication Glitch

Players are able to make multiple copies of Bags containing items by using the market stalls.

Reproduction Steps:
First a player buys the post box and puts their bag in it. They leave just far enough for the items to despawn and they head back to the box. The player then repeatedly takes out the bag on the top while grabbing the other “projected” one in the back. They do this very quickly to make multiple copies.
(I still need to personally test it, However one of my players told me this is how it works and that they’ve successfully done it. We’ve been having issues with duplicates on my server)

Soup Lake

Dicord Username:
Connor Fishcat#2176

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

This issue is systemic on every server and is ruining the game, it’s shocking that nothing has been done about it!! Hello Devs!? Disable markets temporarily at least!!


Yes this is Totally ruining the experience!! And I wonder How long it would take to fix?
Because I don’t even feel like playing because of it
And thanks for bringing it up because This has been going on for at least a month and I virtually seen nothing about this for a quest owner

The duplication glitch brings more items into the game which means more lag.