Random Crashing And Freezing

I have been playing this game non stop after getting it recently and have been loving it. So far I haven’t “died” exactly, but that is what this bug report is about. My game occasionally freezes and will also sometimes crash after doing so, and because if this I have had to go over to random areas in the middle of the night with phantoms to save my stuff purely because of the game freezing. I really love this game but I hate having a terrible freight that I might lose my stuff and it isn’t even my fault. Please check this out, I am on the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 version on a private server without anyone besides me allowed at the moment.

Hey there! Welcome to ATT. Your problem may be tied to either a server-side issue or a connection issue. We have something called a “Dashboard” which allows us to get diagnostics of servers and run helpful commands. You can find the dashboard at http://dash.townshiptale.com/ and log in with your username and password. However, there may be a bug where it will not go directly to the server list, so you may need to press the alta logo in the corner to get to the server list. If you can find some more info on the matter, post it here.

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