randomly rotate left

randomly rotate left

so i originaly thought that this was a result of my controllers being damaged in some way, however it doesn’t happen in any other game. I randomly rotate left while playing. it happens mostly when im trying to rotate in general, it does it alot when ever i try turning. i always have to fight with it. I have a oculus rift with all stock parts.


Happened at:
EST 2PM-12PM it happens when ever no mater what

Repro Steps:
im not sure how but i could be completly wrong and this could just be a problem with my controlers. its just that no other vr game i have does this at all.,

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Do the other games you tested with have the same rotation controls?

yes, theres, vrchat, pavalov, rec room havent played recently, and thats it for the most part rec room is the only one i havent tryed in a month.

@Sol can you take a look at this.

Another thing is that I’m from the U.S idk if that was important to add or not. Just thought I’d mention it.

That is not a bug. As is for now, joysticks in the game are extremely sensitive. And when ever you touch them (yea touch, not even move) you get turned left. Just learn to not touch that joystick.
I had same issue, but I learned to not touch that joystick when I don’t need it.

I’ve got the same problem with my occulus rift controler. The first hour playing the game was OK no problem at all,
but at the moment i die once, now i’m randomly turn left. i try to change server (don’t fix it), restart the game (don’t fix it), restart Occulus (don’t fix it), restart computer (don’t fix it).

and of course, i try on other games and everything’s works well (test on VRCHAT, Half life : Alyx)

Does anyone else experience this issue?

Very rarely I experienced this issue when I used to use snap turning. Flicking the stick both directions a couple of times tends to fix it for me.