Rapier And Shadow Grips Ruin PVP

I hate being 1 shot or 2 shot by Mr. “hehe i hav shadw handl and yr helf is gon”. I especially hate the 2-4 shot daggers, using a dagger basically removes every risk of attacking. Daggers are hard to block, fast, and have basically no swinging requirement. For it to 2-4 shot players with shadow guard is op. What i dislike more than that is rapier. With rapier you can do this triple stab thing (abuses the low swing/stab req) to basically one shot if you have the melee perk. rapier can also block attacks really easily, swings fast, basically no risk attacks. A weapon with this description shouldn’t do much damage, but it does near the same amount of damage as a warhammer of the same grade.

TL;DR Rapier needs a heavy damage nerf, or need attack cooldowns like every other weapon.
Shadow guards should do something unique instead of full health = 1-4 shot kills, or have a nerf.

Devs want more diverse weapons, and no metas but all maxed people carry weapons that can use shadow guard.