Rare bow item

Spriggull claw !

Core concept

a special drop like the phantom guard but for the bow. a homing attachment up to a certain distance. And it takes away from your stamina/hunger time u fire arrow.(( this all ready happens) -> [Because when u run out stamina u start losing hp and can’t move as fast or teleport as far.]) .And if you have 2 of them double the distance that your arrow can home in on them.
But u must hit the enemy frist with one arrow or the bow blades to start the homing arrows and stop once out off range or die.

Personal twist (optional)
If you’ve got more thoughts on how the feature could look, but it’s not essential to the core idea, let us know here!
Spriggull claw

It should be Like a bird claw guard that can hold the 6 ore blade that goes on the metal bow. were the blade can be placed. To define that the skill is on the weapon.

It doesn’t make sense for a spriggul claw to provide homing capabilities. Homing would also be useless if you had to hit the thing normally first.

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I think the main idea right there is that you only need to aim once, and if you got a hit, you can just sprint and spray, mindlessly spam shooting to the target direction to make the kill.
My personal opinion though, practice on your aim, and forget about aim assist or homing already.


Actually, allow me to correct my self.
Homing can only be exist if it is a charged skill, no mindless repetitive homing, it will be really OP and senseless.


Yeah most of what makes archery hard is being accurate and fast, besides maybe sniping where speed isn’t too important, but you have to be a lot better at accuracy, where removing the need to be accurate without a cost of speed puts someone close to, or even up to if they are fast, a level past human ability.

I think there isn’t much of a place for homing in archery since that is taking out any skill in it, like a skill that just does the work for you, weird to just have a skill where you do basically nothing to effect it, no ability to use the skill better or difference between a 6 year old that knows how to pull back a virtual string and the champion of archery.

What I think it better is skills where you still have to put input into them, such as the holy arrow where you still have to aim, sword slash where you have to aim where they can’t dodge even the collection skills where you can collect more if you though the bag in the right place.


Thanks for you guys replies and all you guys thoughts.