Regional server sync

This idea was actually first brought up from Snofur#8748.
What if each region had its own character sync? As the game grows exponentially now, more servers will be needed, or the ability to host our own like Minecraft.

The problem with segmentation is that there are too many servers with separate players’ profiles on each server, the best option would be having server segments and regions.

  • Segments are separate servers that hold the same player profile across the servers in the segment
  • Regions encapsulate segments, and control the player profiles, so you could have one region, one profile, 4 servers.
    AUS1/2/3/4 all have the same player profiles per person, but each number is a different server
    AUS(ALT)1/2/3/4 have a different profile from AUS1/2/3/4, but are still separate instances to balance players.

I understand the logic of this, but character transfer across servers would completely ruin the economy of the individual servers. People would grind on the least populated server with the most resources so they can go to the more populated server and sell the items.

Isnt that how capitalism works anyways? Trading is not nearly as useful now, and if people want to grind, then you have to let them. I went down to level 22 and found only coal in the mines, so i think we need more opportunities for the 40+ players to get more materials, because as of now, there are about 5 people who actively hoard all of the resources on the server.
There really isnt an economy at all to ruin anyways. Providing one other server with character migration will solve a lot of the overpopulation problem so that servers will run better and new people will be able to find copper and iron at levels 3 and 7 respectively rather than having to go to level 20 and beyond for a little bit of coal and (((gold)))

Just because you play on US does not mean you have to complain about the lack of resources, you were the one who picked the most populated server, you are responsible. There is an economy on the servers, you just haven’t bothered to play enough before taking to the forums so you can complain.

@Zebulaun Couldn’t a new instance of the server just only open up when there are too many severs for one instance to handle? so you wouldn’t have instances that are empty.

For your second post, aren’t you saying “you can’t complain about a problem because you could have picked a server hosted in a different area with worse ping and less people you share a culture with?” Also you are right about their being a economy, but that isn’t an argument you should use to say they can’t complain.

They have a reason to complain, the go to the server closest to them (which the majority of people do) and it has problems, just because that is where a lot of people go don’t mean they don’t have a right to bring up issues that are apart of that.