Remove teleporation from PvP

This is to show the devs how many people want tp removed from PvP. Just vote if you agree.

Note: this is only when you’re in COMBAT.

It doesn’t mater if it is only in combat, if we have players that rely on teleportation locomotion and every time they get in combat the have to suddenly switch to smooth locomotion and if they aren’t fast enough they are just dead.

It just doesn’t work like that


Edit, you do not quite understand how things are on the server. Games like Pavlov strive despite not having any teleportation. In fact, I have never encountered a single person on the pvp server that has had an issue with smooth locomotion. when one is able to teleport at such a quick rate, it makes the pvp server fundamentally useless, especially with the new cripple update. What is the point of the pvp server when the option to run, hide and log out is present. I think that you should give pvp a try. Then maybe you would understand what it is truly like.


Did you even read what I said? It had nothing to do with tele being unbalanced or if we should take it out as a hole. Let me just break this down.

You don’t quite understand what my post was about.

Good fact, though this doesn’t have anything to do with my post and it also just means there is a big enough market that you don’t have to cater to motion sick people in a game that wouldn’t work for motion sick people very step of the way, while ATT has plenty of points in it that work fine with motion sick people and it’s just PVP.

This is anecdotal evidence, the whole reason I set up a vote for this is so that I could get good data that wasn’t just one (two now) account(s) of someone not knowing of anyone that doesn’t have trouble with it, I have no clue if you even ask anyone about it or if you just occasionally do.

This is true, I’m actually for it being nerfed, right now it is faster than smooth outright, again I never said I was against this and my post wasn’t about it, nor was the main post.

See above.

Oh wow, I’m sure I can not have an opinion on this because i don’t PVP, do you know why? My internet is so bad that I physically can’t, but that sure doesn’t mean I can’t point out false aquvlance and four people banding together to push removing tele locomotion in combat because they don’t know anyone that needs it.

@Rubk @Frigid @Tcooper Please don’t vote reply if just pushes your narrative, it might be riddled with holes.

I would rather base actions on removing a locomotion option based on stats and facts instead of a knee-gerk reaction the removal of criple damage, Of course it is unbalanced, but I’m not sure why you think removing tele loc will somehow fix that.

Your vote showed that 2 out of 10 people felt slightly motion sick, but got over it. There were no people who used teleport. Of course, no one has agreed on your reply. Which shows a lot about your argument.


Teleportation just doesn’t fit in pvp at its speed. If people using smooth motion get sickness and can’t stand smooth motion then a new bite can be placed for a slower teleportation that doesn’t obviously overpower smooth motion. Although you are surprisingly concerned about the pvp server for someone who doesn’t frequent it.


That poll only has 12 people right now, we need to have a bigger sample size. but it looks promising.

I mentioned this, when this post was made you told three people (or more) that agreed with you so it would get votes, this extended to him getting likes, of course I don’t have more likes when one person told all everyone they new would agree to get active on the topic.

You have never played PvP, you can not talk about it as if you know everything. The community is smaller, and no one needs teleport. This is fact at this point. Stop assuming you know everything, the poll with 12 responses even shows support for me. There is no “promising” results for your argument, there were 0 responses saying that they needed teleportation.


Yes, nerfing it would be great, of course I don’t frequent a server about something I am unable to do. I also think it’s best to not make different servers have different rules, so it best see if we can change the rules for all the servers first.

The pvp server already has different rules dude


Edit, listen. Not everything I said was in direct correlation with what you said. Get off your high horse and quit talking when you don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t assume these things. Picking apart what I said despite the fact that it was quite clearly not I direct correlation with what you said, only shows how defensive you are. Nobody expects you too know everything, and nobody wants you to speak for them. Also, a lot of the things you said had literally nothing to do with what I said giving them no basis making you look like a fool.

I also do not appreciate the indirect insults. If you’re going to insult me I would appreciate if you ‘said it to my face’. Thank you


I’m not, stop talking like you do, you think the only way to do is to just remove it, there are other options.

You are the one using anecdotal evidence, stop saying “This is fact at this point.” when you haven’t proved it.
Again 12 people isn’t a large portion of the player base.

Wow, the samples size of 7 people has no one that needs it, do mention that a good portion of those people are people that you told to vote on it.

That is way different than changing game mechanics.

And I don’t, no one does, my whole point is to get information first before acting.

I was a little frustrated, it is a mixture of what you are doing and my frustration, I hold no grudge with you.

I’m not using anecdotal evidence, I’m using your own poll that you made.

This feature is extremely important to the structure of pvp, as I only make threads on important things. PvP needs these changes desperately, but hey, maybe we should listen to the 1 guy disagreeing who wanted animal cosmetics.

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Oh, I should address the “being too defensive” thing.

Not really, I’m just taking the stance of not pushing to change the game so quickly, there isn’t any reason for me to biasly go after it, I don’t like tele loc and hate how I have to use it to go fast.

That was to you saying “everyone I know doesn’t need it” the second part was about the poll

Yes it is, but the cripple change spurred this on even though the cripple chance is the problem.

Oh wow trying to dis me by saying “oh look at the animal cos guy” that has nothing to do with this and also highly voted for.

Oh dang yeah, the guy that wasn’t told to vote on it by a friend.

I have to go do something I’ll comeback to this later.

Also, for your response to frigid, he is using anecdotal evidence because of the fact that there is no statistical evidence for motion sickness on pvp. Typically, people choosing whether or not to play on pvp are aware of the fact that motion sickness may be present and will make their decision accordingly.

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They are people who also play PvP and understand how this shit works, not just ‘friends’.

It wasn’t highly voted for, it had 6 votes. My point is that your suggestions seem to be unimportant and irrelevant, I didn’t care about the topic of your suggestion, compared to mine which will completely fix the pvp server’s issues (even if it’s just temporary).

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I agree with Edit in the point that anecdotal evidence and a poll that is approximately 0.06% of the entire player base (according to discord users, it isn’t fully accurate, just for emphasis) isn’t proper evidence that proves it the correct choice to remove teleport locomotion. While I do agree somewhat that teleport is a bit unnecessary and should be slowed overall and slowed even more in pvp, that does not justify removing it when there could still be a large portion of people with motion sickness.

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Although this vote is only affecting pvp, and the people currently against it have spent how much time in pvp?

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That is the reason I’m collecting the statistical data, it’s only 12 so far, but once we get enough we will have a clear view.

PvP doesn’t in tale motion sickness, but if it was forced to use smooth then it would, but it doesn’t make sense to say that right now.

“not just ‘friends’” just because they all play PvP doesn’t mean it’s a bias sample, My point is that you are arguing numbers when you are the one that brought friends even if they aren’t just friends.

So as soon as someone else agrees you deflect with “but you don’t matter to the convo” You can’t just say that “well everyone that actually plays PvP here doesn’t need it” when the people that play PvP in this topic are cherry picked friends.