Rentable Storage

Core concept
My idea was to have abox in the town hall, which is similar to the lockbox, but with a slot for coins and a lever to set the desired amount of storage. You would then put in coins and it would use a set amount of coins/slot/day.

This is far too much (what I would call) “safe storage”. In theory, you could already store an infinite amount of every single ore in the game in your lockbox. Any more storage, and you would be able to store every single metal, or every single leather, etc etc. This completely upsets the balance of the game by allowing players to simply horde. This is an issue we are already experiencing on most servers, and it is an issue which is trying to be tackled. We should not be enabling it.

I would only ever be ok with this idea if stack limits were introduced, and even then, it could still be an issue.

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You could balace this by raising the coins/slot/day.

That… Doesn’t balance it. If players are able to amass thousands of Mythril ore in a few days, paying for some rent in gold coins isn’t an issue.

Not to mention that gold is one of the most common ores and you can make 5 coins per ingot. So no matter how much you raise the coins per day people will just get more ore.

I think the problem with storage isn’t not having enough storage, but player’s mindset on storage / trading and jobs other than miner not being valuable enough. Everyone wants to do everything, but from what I understand the point of the game is to work as a town.
The amount of slots available are plenty for doing whatever singular job you decide to do, the only issue is trading not being a valid option unless you’re a miner. Miners have the most valuable resources in the game, and aren’t going to trade it for some handle, logs, arrows, or soup.
I think the other roles definitely need to be buffed and more specialized so that they can trade what they make with miners, for resources miners have, to make better stuff for the miners. The Dev team seem to already be taking steps towards this, so it’s just a matter of time, and us making ideas to come up with clever ways to make the other jobs more viable.


I see with you eye to eye. Players do want to do everything on their own, which is normal because it comes with a feeling of achievement. But this is not the goal of the game from my perspective. I like to believe that this game aims at creating a small world where people take up different roles which rely on each other, help each other out and make interesting memorable experiences together. Everyone is important because somehow we all fill a very important role which helps on a greater scheme hence, janitor.

On that premise I’d also say that there need to come more incentives from the developers for the players to want to change and work more together.

Also I think housing is going to do something like this since I’m pretty sure you can store stuff in them and they will cost rent to own.

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we will probably have something similar in the housing update. but you just dont need to pay for the storage but for the whole plot instead