Repair tools and weapons

lets you repair a used weapon/tool with the same materials but costs less than to just make a new one
Core concept
i think being able to repair a used weapon would be super nice so you wouldnt need to make a new one every time it breaks. For example a used iron pickaxe can be repaired by taking of head and taking an iron bar heating both then putting them on an anvil and smacking them with a hammer fusing them which will let you use it more maybe there could be a place to sharpen the weapons and tools to make them more efficient perhaps?

This has been on the roadmap for a long time and I really hope it gets added sooner rather than later.


i didnt read the roadmap before i posted this

I’ll just toss my idea in here. What if it’s a grind stone. Like sure you have to replace handles from time to time but you can resharpen blades. It could even be a use for stone. A mold you put in the smelter then put in 10 stone and form a grind wheel. It eventually gets used up and needs to be replaced, probably full sharpening something of Valium will take 2 wheels. It can even be gamified like the other crafting, you gotta hold it the right distance away or the wheel will slow with too much pressure or the contact won’t be enough to be affective.