Report System

A system in which in the same menu you can open up an option to report a player In game rather than relying on the discord.

So let’s say someone just stole your dynamite and lit and then threw it in the blacksmith where everyone is crafting their items. You don’t die / are able to get away and see the player’s name Griefer1995 run away to cause more issues. The current best way to report him is the discord however in VR that is a bit of a hassle to do with all the expensive equipment on you and having to go type to get the mods attention most of the time with this VR equipment still somewhat on you.

With this idea I recommend using the menu button and having an ! or something to indicate a report button when once “pressed” will bring up a new menu in which you can look at all names on the server and grab and hold to pick out “Griefer1995” then have a checkmark list of major rules they could have broken IE:
-Random Killing
-Bug Abuse

Then in either a discord bot [Town Crier] in a private room only available to mods/devs A message will pop up saying what Player / Server and list of checkmarked rules they have broken. Pinging the mods. And if there is a ton of pings there with a single person saying rules are being broken, it might instill an act of urgency for the mods to react fast.

I also recommend some moderation tools for mods/dev accessed through a dev/mod menu option for in game as well as version of the game mods/devs can enter via desktop to these servers. With this menu, they can:
-TP to all main areas of the town [Blacksmith, carpenter, spawn, town hall, etc]
-TP to any player
-Allow for freezing a player. They may still move their hands but they cannot walk nor grab or let go of items [also disabling damage on weapons/tools]
-TP player to the mod/dev
-TP to a jail/room that cannot be accessed without mod tools

Final thoughts.
As the game get more popular this system is going to be necessary. As there may be people who will never use the public discord. An in game report and moderation system will help clear drama and make life easier for the mods/devs to you know moderate. Which is why I really think a desktop mode of these tools will allow the mods/devs to moderate easier without having to slap on all the VR equipment any time “Griefer1995” decides to join your server.

I’d also say the system should show both who is online, and anyone that left with in a few minutes of opening the report bubble, being able to see a profile shot of the player might be needed for people to tell who it is if they couldn’t see their name, but that starts getting into “I can see what everyone on the server looks like just because of a reporting tool”

Also the first two would be
-Non consensual Stealing
-Non consensual Killing

Or something shorter to be clearer/more accurate. (“unwanted” sounds obvious, but people like to duel and maybe rp stealing with peoples permission.)

Maybe it would show a list of everybody who has ever played on the server but the ones online would show first, offline people’s names are greyed out and put in chronological order so the most recent to log out is at the tops of the offlines. You can search the player’s name as well as just look through the list. This would help with situations like if you ended up reporting someone a little after they did what they did. No recents necessary.

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Ok there is a glitch on quest where you can grab items out of others inventorys these two kids one named beanwrld and other named yeoldbumfrog they stole people’s stuff by exploiting the glitch and leaving the game they said they did it for fun and on multiple servers I wanted to report on discord but there wasn’t any so if you guys can please help stop them

@supernoob64 - I think something like this would have to be reported to the server owner so the owner can ban MrBench.