[Repro needed] Arrows in Quiver resetting / converting to 1 arrow (Ref: 14153)

Description: I Created Red Iron Fire arrows (42), I took one out of my quiver after the patch, put it back in and ALL the other arrows in the quiver poofed.
I had a moderator recreate the arrows. In the mines at level 12 I was drawing arrows out of my quiver mounted on my tool hook, when I could draw anymore (38 left). I logged off and back in and only wooden arrowshafts were in the quiver.

Reproduction Steps: I am not sure this happened twice- two different things, try putting the quiver in the tool hook and rapidly pulling arrows out- or try holding the quiver with the left hand and removing/ dropping/ then reinserting the arrows.

Server: Your Township Tale

Time: 8:47(ish) PM AST (GMT-8)

Dicord Username: Misi JinJahl

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post. I don’t know what Changed, but it tells me I cannot upload attachments because I am a new user.

Thanks for reporting. We will take a look!!!

Hey Guys, we can’t get a repro on this. If someone has more consistent repro steps, that would be super helpful.

Dupe: Missing arrow bug

Had the EXACT same thing happen to me. Had just finished making 26 Red Iron Arrows, put them in my Quiver, put the Quiver on my hip. I drew a single arrow and when I put it back all the other arrows disappeared and the Quiver only showed 1. This was only a day after the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine on the same server.

maybe its a glitch with the server. on a server I was on you couldn’t chisel or craft, and firing a bow would make arrows disappear, only fixed after the entire place was reset

I can at least confirm it’s not an isolated case. The last time it happened I had 50 walnut arrows (red feather + crystal tip). When I pulled an arrows out of the quiver they are all gone. The same thing happens if you stack them in a belt dock so it doesn’t matter if you use a quiver or not. I will try to replicate the bug with non crafted arrows and maybe without using power shot; remove as much variables as possible.

This bug still exists, my quiver has reset to one arrow on two occasions within only a few weeks.

Hello, I just experienced this glitch for the second time, causing me to look it up. Nice to know I’m not the only one. Is there any way to recover the components I lost? Particularly the red feathers took forever to gather. I had crystal tip red feather fire arrows. The first time I lost 38 or so to the glitch and last night I lost 79 which was super discouraging…