Resource Gathering Automation Facilities

When you compare the in-game era technology of Township Tale, where do you feel the town would be in Earth’s human history? If we base the timeline on the presence of full plate armor, history would tell us the 15th century.

So then why are we gathering resources like we’re in the 3rd century?

A brief timeline of mankind's expansion and the need for more and more resources:
  • 3rd century: first sawmill
  • 5th century: horse collar invented, a better draft animal than ox
  • 7th century: 1st windmill in Persia
  • 10th century: drawplate (metal cookie cutter) used for mass wire production (chainmail?); Chinese fireworks are popularized
  • 12th century: most of Europe’s above-ground open pit iron mines run dry. Mining heads underground.
    13th century: glasses, bombs/land mines; cannons
  • 1350: early waterwheel-powered blast furnace (Lapphytten, Sweden)
  • 14th century: waterwheel power becomes common; demand for metals drastically increased, for cities and armies; waterwheel power inspires the tilt and trip hammers, and slitmills (for nails) [AUTOMATION!!]
  • 15th century: plate armor; first minecart; rifles
  • 16th century: blacksmiths are more commonly found outside of castles, located in towns; Swedish Sawmills begin the practice of log driving (floating full trees downstream towards a sawmill); revolver pistol invented

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The Project Gutenberg eBook of De Re Metallica, by Georgius Agricola.
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:stop_sign: END OF TIMELINE :stop_sign:

Core concept
When player housing arrives, the need for lots of resources will be more apparent than ever. Even more so if additional buildings are added to the town.
Rather than encourage players to mindlessly chip away at rock/lumber forever, what if we could gain a slow but steady income of resources, or gain more from what we collect?

Some possible technological advances we could expect using Earth’s history for context:


  • Roman aqueducts + water mining: by saturating ore veins, Romans could excavate precious minerals without as much backbreaking effort.
  • waterwheels: for powering draining engines, hammers, bellows, and advanced furnaces (blast). Basically machine automation on a very very basic level.
  • windlasses: human/animal powered cranes (see pics above)
  • wheelbarrows: Significant for allowing 1 worker to haul the workload of 2 workers at a time.
  • water/oxygen pumps: (by means of piston-suction or bucket) As miners go deeper into the earth, they encounter underground water that gets in the way AND less oxygen. This could act as a building requirement for future, deeper mine levels.



  • Hand saw, whip saw: co-op sawing to quickly process logs, more efficient than hacking
  • Sawmill: automated (or more efficient) sawing, typically powered by a waterwheel.

The implementation of a sawmill, in particular, would then beg the question:
how do you transport trees to the mill?
I would suggest either a new, large fish-hook tool to hook into wood and drag.
Or perhaps a logger’s backpack that tethers the log behind you?


While official farming is yet to be added, I can only speculate from the other areas of the game that the tech will be limited to basic gardening tools.

  • Windmill / Waterwheel: converts wind/hydro power into simple energy/milling action. Water can alternatively be dispersed across a small area.
  • Grainery: Permits food storage with less likelihood of spoilage. Only meaningful if aTT’s seasons prevent growing crops at certain times/conditions.
  • Windpump: pull water from deep in the ground with wind power. Only important if wells require manual labor at any point, offering more immediate access to water.
  • Plows: pulled by ox in loose soil, or horses in tougher terrains. I’ve no idea how this would work for aTT unless the devs figure out animal taming, so it might be a bit more man-powered than beast.
  • Crop rotation: A concept still used to this day, by changing which crops grow between harvests permits the max nutrients for plants, allows the ground to regain higher nutrient levels, and effectively increases crop yields.

These are a bunch of ideas, some more wild than others, but I think with all the love combat gets, resource gathering could also get some upgrades?

Personal twist
Extreme building projects such as fixing the Town Hall, building castles, forts, towers, and extra buildings could be planned given the resource potential, so long as VR hardware can handle the extra content.

At the very least, player housing could use more resources for ‘realism’, without feeling terrible about the potential added work, and players could still gather manually if they prefer.

Some polls to see how the community feels about resource needs.

What century would aTT be in?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16

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Which facility interests you most?
  • Sawmill
  • Technical mining
  • Advanced farming
  • None

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Which gathering labor do you find the most tedious?
  • Mining precious ore
  • Mining common materials
  • Chopping trees
  • Breaking up trees
  • Anything to do with water

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For this next one, try to consider the question in the context of having a TON of resources.

Do the current resource requirements seem correct for the projects being built?
  • 5x+ more
  • 2-4x more
  • The current requirements are good
  • 2-4x less
  • I don’t know who of you thinks it should cost 5x less, but here’s your option…

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If we had cranes/minecarts/bins to effortlessly move gathered ore up to the surface… would you use it?
  • Yes. No questions asked. For the good of the town!
  • Only on a private server, for my own gains.
  • Only if I have extra to bring back with me
  • Only if the first ores can go to my lockbox/a new ore box. (Excess is public)
  • Only if all the collected ore stays mine.
  • Yes, but only if the server cooperates.
  • I don’t use public resource bins.
  • No. I don’t believe in using ore lifts. Ever. Not even for my own use.

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Thanks for voting :white_check_mark: