Resources (Specifically Mining)

First off, great game developers. I thoroughly enjoy this game so far, keep on going. Eventually I’ll become a supporter, it’s a great game to invest and help out with.

Anyway, so the resource gathering, specifically mining is hard for new players. I would suggest pushing back some spawns to a lower level for the higher tiered nodes, in this case I’m speaking for the first two levels, which I personally think should be Coal, Copper (Especially) and Iron (or which ever tier is next from Copper, Iron right??). The (re)spawn rates for them are low, which is understandable, but they are not abundant from what I’ve seen in the beginning levels. Forcing players to go lower. This morning, I had to help a player acquire copper from the 8th floor. I would attempt to increase the amount of starting materials in the first few floors then gradually increase with higher tiered materials and so on. Next thing would be the placement of the nodes. Plenty of spots to mine said materials are within rocks that cannot be mined, making it hard to acquire and sometimes when they are mine-able the contents would disappear.

I know this game is in Alpha, I’m not waving my fist around, just some things to point out as for my current feedback. It’s a great game overall though fellas. Keep up the great work. Now, I’m hopping back on!

This is the exact post I was looking for. Every single time I’ve come in, the gold rush of the top floors has passed and this leaves only the lower floors to have anything. I’ve been forced to look for ‘glitched’ ores (ores just partly sticking out of the walls) and even that is luck.

From what I can see, the issues are basically as follows:

  • Copper is a very sought after by new players as it is their first tier of ore and is required to get the backpack.
  • Copper is also sought after by more experienced players for red iron alloys.
  • New players may not go too deep into the mines as the mines are naturally very dark and may be off-putting for people who haven’t gotten their bearings.
  • More experienced players don’t mind going deeper as they have the gear and knowledge to help them dive deeper.
  • This means the ore availability is in the lower floors, which new players may not explore or have difficulty doing so.

This has been the single most frustrating thing since the game becomes punishing if you don’t sign in when the gold rush happens (ie: when the mines reset).

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i find mining to be VERY easy in small groups, bring 2 friends have one on combat duty, the other two mine, split resources when you are done

Maybe there could be a rarely appearing unique layer far into the mines that has mostly copper, but a lot of it, so higher level players would go after that instead of the high levels?

well one: copper spawns on nearly EVERY level
two: ores respawn at least every 30 mins (less now since last update I think)
three: it’s not that copper isn’t spawning often enough it’s that no-one is clearing out the trash ores… like Gold, Salt, Sandstone, Coal, etc… if no-one mines these nodes then eventually NO COPPER WILL APPEAR! as it’s all the trash nodes. (yes I’ve verified this with the devs)
So here’s a tip: pick a level then clear ALL THE NODES doing a loop around the outer walls of the level, in most cases the ores will start to respawn by the time you’ve done a lap, unless you’re really quick. this will also refresh the spawns to more copper will appear.
Yes this is more work, yes this is more wear on the tools, YES THIS IS A GAME.
More effort = more reward.
just my 2c.


Sounds like communist propaganda, but okay.

Jokes aside, this is really good to know.

As a beginner some ores you can’t mine, so picking a level and mining can’t occur to often. I’m passed all this, I mainly posted this for beginners as they can struggle with it, since they are not capable of getting it all from the first level. I applaud you for all the information given though! It’s just for beginners, that is not all possible as people do not have that mentality.

I find it very frustrating as well. I’m a new Player and have never even seen ore in the first three layers and that totally kills the fun that can be had. I can’t seem to find any lower layers as well so a kind of map would be nice, even if only for layers you already found.

i can agree with this cuz sometimes i’ve gone down 10 floors without even seeing a SINGLE node

For purposes of getting started, the mountain pass is WAY better than the mines. Doing a run of the mountain pass and grabbing all the hilts and such and melting them down is far more effective than going into the mines to get copper. I see that as kind of a flaw. For what you get out of the mines, the early floors are way more difficult than they need to be. Maybe if they were more lit/easy to light and find your way that would be better? But as it stands, if you can’t make it down to the iron levels, there’s no point in even bothering with the mines.

Copper can easy be found in the quarry, just mine away the coal in that one area where lot’s of coal spawn. (barely anyone mines the coal, so only coal will be there)

And that is a bad thing… Why? It’s purposeful that the devs want players to be able to find resources in the overworld, so I don’t see why that is particularly an issue. In about half an hour I can fully kit myself up with a weapon and pickaxe and make my way into the mines to progress further, and I believe that is intentional.

It’s not bad that there’s a place for new players to go. What’s bad (and really it’s not BAD, it’s just a little weird) is that the mines are the place that new players THINK they need to go, since that’s logical, but really they shouldn’t go there until they go to the mountain pass first. You have a progression of logic in a new player’s mind. “I need a better pickaxe/weapon/etc. Oh I see a sign for mines! I bet that’s where I need to go” when in reality that’s like the worst place to go. The quarry is better, the mountain pass is better, but when I was new I thought those places were for more experienced players, and stayed away. Someone even told me to go to the mountain pass for copper. I went there, I didn’t find any copper ore, and thought they were a liar, not realizing that I should have picked up the copper things to melt them. It’s not intuitive to new players that the best way to get copper is to melt down other things. The other weird thing is that the difficulty vs. reward of the early levels of the mines. I think the late levels of the mine are great in terms of difficulty, but like I said: if you can’t down to iron, you shouldn’t even bother with the mines, and I don’t think that makes sense. If the difficulty is going to be what it is, the rewards should reflect that. My thought is that the mines should be tuned so they’re way more effective for getting any metal than anywhere else. That’s just not true for copper, and that doesn’t make any sense to a new player. Having copper in the overworld isn’t bad, but the fact that the mines aren’t BETTER for copper is where I see inconsistency.

I’ve only noticed this being a problem on public servers. If you’re on a private server, it feels much more balanced.

I like the idea of helping new players, but moving spawns of modes is bad for people who go in thg e mines. I suggest that we keep the mines how they are. This is because people who enjoy mining find this challenging and fun. I’m not one of those people though. I would rather have another system where there are caves scattered around the map. These caves wouldn’t go down as far, maybe 15 floors and have a chance to have mithril spawns. This would still make going in the mines more profitable than going into caves, but for people who dislike going to the mines in fear of dying could go to caves and get lucky with a mithril spawned cave. These caves might be just as dangerous or even harder due to it being a cave. This could also be a chance to add a monster such as cave trolls or an entirely new monster. I currently use the domes in the forest to get mithril, and I like them. But they are not guaranteed to spawn and they are way to easy to take for people with sword slash. I think introducing caves could also make an easier way to introduce newer people into mining. Another suggestion might even be to add dungeons above and below ground. Personally I’m afraid of the ground so I like the stay above. Making a combat trial type thing that would be above ground would be neat. It may even be ANOTHER new way to add a monster. This game is growing, and new types of monsters would be a great addition. Thank you for your time, and keep up your posts SoulBC.

Personally I find it quite easy to get copper, coal or iron without even going down to the mines, if you know where to look in the mountain pass or dust bowl you can find scraps of metals to melt down or pots to dismantle, and killing the smaller turbadas in the quarry and then getting the copper nodes there is quite the easy way, and it usually has a decent supply and respawns pretty fast. Long story short, quarry, dust bowl, and mountain pass.

So I’ve been on floor 20 and when I got to the televator it was blocked with a structure. If you could please remove the structure that would help a lot.