Respawn timer on limited resources

Before I start, I would just like to say: excellent work, developers. I’ve been playing ATT shot a while now, and I’m still honestly blown away by how well everything works. Of course, it’s not perfect, but kudos to all the work everyone on the dev team put into this excellent game.

While I’m sure there’s plenty of ideas for the future of this game, I was curious if there was any current plans on including a respawn timer for natural resources, such as ores and wood. At the beginning of a server, there are plenty of materials to go around, but it becomes harder and harder to locate resources until the world is completely drained.
I suggest implementing a means, whether automatic or player-controlled, to regenerate the world’s limited resources. Ores reappearing in the mines after a certain time period has passed, players planting saplings to grow new trees or even watch the forest simply regrow itself, etc. This gives players, both experienced or new, a fair chance at collecting and growing stronger throughout a server’s history.

But, but ATT is still in pre-alpha, are you from the future?

Also ores respawn every 10 min., but you need to mine the whole cluster and stay in the area for 10 min., most pass layers in just a couple of minutes.

That’s what I meant. Sorry, I don’t know squat about these kinds of terms…

I didn’t know the ores already respawn…thanks for the info!

I know ores respawn, and i’m pretty sure tree’s respawn after, 30 minutes? but you can also plant tree’s if you have their seeds, That I can remember from the forrest update.