Respawnable ore nodes for custom servers

Being able to spawn respawning ore nodes into custom servers.

I’d love to be able to, as a server owner, spawn in different ores above ground, that when broken would respawn again later. As a kinda alternative to the mines, as i know myself and others are afraid of the dark, plus they dont have the time to play to go deep into the mines. At the moment, ores you spawn on a server do not respawn after being mined.

I’m not sure that this is the place to bring up this idea, better to talk to the person who makes prefabulator in the ATT Meta Discord, which you can join here.

im already a part of that, but from what i hear, that isnt a possibility with the current server tools

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You can spawn ore nodes using the server console without the prefabulator. The prefabulator can’t spawn items that just aren’t coded at the server though. It would need to be supported at the server level so I think it’s fair to request here.

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