Restrict so only friends can extract items from backpack

The idea is to only let people that you have befriended take items out of your backpack, to prevent griefing.

Core concept
I have multiple times had people following me around demanding that I give them my dynamite, and having it in my backpack is risky, since people can just steal it. Only letting friends extract items from your backpack just seems like an easy fix for this. I know it’s sad to have to design around griefers, but imo it’s very necessary.

people tell me to just report them, but having the issue in the first place is annoying enough in itself, plus I have to stop playing in order to report them, which is time I could have spent playing this lovely game

edit: Locked quiver could be nice aswell, as I don’t see the point in people having to pull arrows out of other peoples quivers.

I think this is a amazing idea but maybe make it so that this setting is more flexible like setting it to where strangers can or setting it to none at all or blacklisting specific people

I have an idea, keep your backpack on your back. People cant steal from it if your backpack is on your back.

Yeah, but then you might as well not have one if you can’t take it off your back, sure you can only take it off when it appears no one is around but that can be quite restricting if are someone that smiths or otherwise sticks around the town.

I don’t think it’s necessary to implement restrictive features like this to tailor the game for certain people. Even if being able to take from a backpack isn’t really a necessary thing, restricting the freedom of any aspect of the game sets a bad precedent. Soon after restricting backpacks, we might get client side loot or cutback on communal storage. ATT thrives on freedom, if someone is trolling, use that freedom to figure out a way to stop them.

First of all that’s the slipper slope fallacy, I mean you are literally arguing they will suddenly be open to doing something that is very much against what they stand for in terms of instances (I’m saying instances and players having client side loot is similar) . Second of all, yes the game does thive on freedom but it also doesn’t let players steal backpacks from other player’s back in the blind pursuit of freedom.

Right now trying to put something in or take something out of your inventory puts you at risk of theft by someone that you aren’t allowed to kill and can instantly log out which you then have to report to get your items back, despite what you say, you can’t use your freedom to prevent this as it stands.

I agree that it’s nice to share stuff just by holding your bag out, but if you’re arguing that a player can’t choose who to share with (Hopefully in a way that fits, such as two states, one where the bag is slightly open and can only have items taken from it by the person holding it and a more open state like we jave now) is restricting freedom, you are literally just arguing it’s restricting the freedom of thieves since they would be the only ones restricted at that point.

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