Rework flashlight: Cant attach to pickaxe but brightness and spread buff

Title. The flashlight, for all its crafting requirements, is pretty underwhelming. Using it requires at least one hand at all times (unless you want to light up the ground) so you cant just slap it on the belt like a lantern. Also putting it on a pickaxe is really silly and pretty useless. Seeing as its more demanding to use, it should be more effective at actually lighting up the place. Please Alta, buff the flashlight.

I agree, I think the flashlight could use some kind of light buff/increase. It’s useful but not enough to the point of only using it, you need a pick with a lantern on it if you take one with you.


While I agree it could have better mounting on one’s person, it is important to note that, as opposed to the lantern for all-around illumination, the flashlight is for searching out specific things in the dark, not a universal illuminator it is quite balanced in this respect and a buff might eliminate the need for a lantern.

TLDR: Flashlights are a luxury not a universal tool.


If you were able to attach the flashlight to your head somehow, maybe with a hat or something, I think that’d make it much more useful so it can illuminate whatever you’re looking at without using your hands but also doesn’t make it too powerful


Joel and Bossun mentioned a mount on the backpack that you would be able to point in one of the earlier altacasts.

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