Rice, woks, and Bentos

Cooking is fun in the game. But what if we went deeper?

There are some small shallow ponds in the game that could be sights for growing rice which could be used for Bento boxes. (i hope it shows)

These boxes could crafted at the woodcutting station and can be stacked: 1 serving box for “traveler”, 2 serving box for “explorers”, and 3 serving box for “Sherpa”.

Bentos would have similar effects to potions and soups as far as ingredients go, but the foo in the bento box keeps you full much longer. (Would be cool if the effects lasted longer too, but might be OP)

Rice could be collected with bare handles (or regular smacking with anything) and cooked in a pot to make “cooked rice”.

In order to cook the bento meal, chefs could get blacksmiths or craftsmen to make a wok. (1 metal plate, 4 fittings, 1 wood/ stick) Material of wok wouldn’t matter since higher tier metals are hard to heat and cool off fast.

Now for the part lag won’t like…

Once you have both rice and wok, you hold the wok over a fire, any fire. (best case, the wok starts to sizzle) once the wok heats up, you can add rice as the base like you would water in a pot, and then add your SLICED ingredients. It could look like a pile of rice in the wok and the ingredients speckle over it.

Once it’s done cooking the dish, it would poof and show the tasty looking finished bowl. Then you can either use a ladle (or spoon) to transfer the food to the box, or you can dip it like we already do, and it would fill the box nicely.

It is a little more tedious than making potions, but it would be fun to collect and make.

Extra Ideas:

Better metals could improve recipes?

Pans could be used to inflict smashing damage, but maybe not a lot?

Wok could be used to make one charge of potion or soup on the go?

Boiled meat, bones or veggies could create broth to increase potency (like salt and garlic does)?

Shallow water also in Northern Mountain pass! Forgot to mark it…

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