Role play server

Ok my nerd is coming out now cause I’m gonna say i want to see more roleplay in att in the form of an offical server

Core concept
Ok before someone says it, yes i know private server will become a thing but let’s be real we won’t see that till after release.
With that said i’ll continue, i would love to see a RP-PVP server pop up in the near future, nothing about the core game will need to be changed we only need a labeled server with a specific more refined role set.


  1. No KOS (kill on sight: this is a typical rule in most servers rp servers to stop griefers from running up to random players just having a chat or generally having a good time without blood shed with the general premise that you have to talk to someone and rp with them before initiation of combat can be started)

  2. Combat should be your last option (say you wish to play the bad guy and rob someone you must first let your intentions be known so that if the player you are robbing does not wish to fight they do not have to but will have to hand over whatever the robber demands, this also transitions into rule 3. But if they do not wish to hand over things at their own will then combat is allowed. They were “warned”)

  3. Do not strip players to their bones (some what self explanatory but: if you wish to rob do not just take everything they belong and only take a few things of worth to you, let’s say 4 item slots(ofc this can change depending on dev/mod prefs) but if they put up a fight it’s free game)

  4. NLR (new life rule: also another common rp server rule where when you die you forget your murderer and where it happened (effectively forget everything leading up to your death) and are not allowed to go after your murderer at all (this prevents a constant tug of war where both parties respawn then fight again) you must also stay away from your place of death for say 5-10 minutes to allow the murderer to vacate the scene properly

  5. No stream sniping(yall know what this is)

  6. No crying over spilt milk (simply put if you lose fairly you lose deal with it)

  7. All players must have a working mic and sound (this is too prevent confusion when aggressive actions are being made) I’m also aware sound can drop sometimes but if this happens to you make as many hand gestures as you can to indicate you hear nothing and do a quick relog but don’t just log off because that would be…

  8. No combat logging ( this is less likely to happen with the current combat mode att has but this also applies to any aggressive actions aka if someone is robbing you don’t try to sneak the orb on your head. If you log because of a crash @ the person in discord and let them know and log back is asap)

Im sure more could be added to fine tune it but that’s all i got for this current moment

Im very aware that most of this can be very hard to moderate so putting a disclaimer aswell saying that “all players on the server should have some sort of capture method so that they have video proof if someone has broken any of the rules”

No expectation of this being a “hardcore” rp server where you must stay in character all the time but that people should respect others and their wishes to rp the way they want, in other words if you see a group of people in character and talking as if they are in the world of att don’t just run up to them and default dance and ask them about their favorite fortnight skin

@Darilas I’m no roleplayer but I see how some ppl would like that. Only thing is, private servers are coming this year. No official server required.

What what WHAT!! Please direct me to this information kind sir or madam before i explode from sheer glee

I should note that servers won’t be private in the sense of hosting it on your own server (such as your own computer), but you will be able run one.

So as in paid server hosting service do you mean @Edit

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Yeah something like that, devs don’t want it to become like minecraft server hosting or something.

Itl probly be a monthly payment or somethin, I can’t seem to find the time when they said private servers would be rolled out this year. But I don’t think it’s on discord, it’s gotta be somewhere in the forum