Rotate backpack with thumbstick

When you have your backpack in your hand, you should be able to rotate it with the thumbstick.

Core concept
When you have side pockets on your backpack, it can be tricky to store items, or even to take them out, since the backpack is slowly drifting around on its own. being able to rotate it at will would be nice.

edit: Holding down trigger while using the thumbstick to rotate is probably the best keybind solution I can come up with right now.

Uh… Your thumbsticks are already used for turning and strafing.

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good point. maybe a workaround could be to hold down the menu button on the controller you’re holding the backpack in? you are not going to use the menu while holding a backpack anyway. :slight_smile: or trigger? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: wait… you can’t really use the thumbstick while holding down the menu button… you don’t have that many thumbs… should have given it more thought