Rotating Slots in the Talem shop

It gets a little tiresome waiting two weeks for the shop to rotate to a new selection of goodies, so I propose 2 extra slots should be added into the shop. The catch? These slots would rotate to new items every 2 days, but will not include items currently on the weekly rotation. They can be full sets like the Villager Casual or individual pieces like the Fingerless Gloves.

EDIT: When I say ‘not on the weekly rotation’, I mean items not in the current weekly shop. Items that have been in the weekly shop before will appear in this new one I’m suggesting.

It would be much better to be patient instead of encumbering Bossun and Serena by making them continuously make cosmetic designs every 2 days. The dev team is far too small right now for something like this, at least in my view, Bossun might say different.

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I think he was talking about having it cycle though old items, but I agree that it would be better to be patient then having the shop too active. I like how I only need to check once a month to know what is up.

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Might have misunderstood this, I thought that meant they would be entirely new items

That’s what I meant. It only features past, non event restricted cosmetics. Not new ones, since they’ll be in the weekly rotation at that point.

There hasnt been that many cosmetics made yet; a 2 day circulation would be too much. Maybe 2 slots that swap weekly, so its still faster than every 2 weeks but also doesnt exhaust the entire stock of old cosmetics by the time new ones come out.


Heyo! We kinda want to speed up rotation, but at the same time, as others have mentioned, we don’t want to get bogged down making tons of cosmetics. That being said, right now that we’re on 2 week rotations, 1 outfit and on average one of the other items will be returning items. The amount of returning items may increase, but we’re trying to build up a larger library to rotate through first. Thanks for the feedback, hope our current system satisfies you enough!

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I think its also good to keep the rotations spaced out so it isn’t a “DAILY ITEM 13 HOURS LEFT” in a corner and all that. I like checking in once every two weeks and knowing that I’m not missing out on anything by not checking in every day or even week. Speaking of which speeding up the rotation isn’t the only way to show of more items, the rotations themselves could have more items in them instead.