Rune Crafting

This idea came up when I was talking with @KindredSpirit about this idea. I brought up the idea of a using crystal dust. (It could also be some other kind of dust, but the glow and color of crystals would work well)

How runes would be made with this dust is drawing them directly on the ground and the more accurate lines are to what they should be (shaky lines would be bad) the closer to full power the rune’s effects would be. Runes would mostly have uses outside of combat, but there could be uses in combat, such as runes that buff players inside it with higher defense and such.

One of the biggest uses of runes would be teleportation, which can link to other teleportation runes you have made if you do so prior. These tele runes would have a naturally blank spot which can be filled in as their ID which lets the tele rune link to a different tele rune with the same ID, and of course there would have to be some tools to make uncopyable ID’s so that someone can’t hijack it if they saw it before. Also the rune would either teleport the players inside the rune (up to it’s max) once it’s activated or it would hold a portal open until it burns out.

Now not all runes (of the same type) would act a like, there would be modifies that (either adding extra rings on the outside of the rune, or overlap with the rune) could increase power, how long it lasts, range, etc. So a teleportation rune could teleport more people, connect to runes across larger distances or even be usable more than one time.

Runes can also be portable, a rune could be drawn on a large piece of paper and then be rolled up to be quickly rolled out and used later, but the paper will burn after the rune has been activated long enough (shorter for more powerful runes). Higher quality paper can be used that take longer to catch on fire and the highest quality paper can even keep runes lasting longer than ones that are drawn on the ground.

Something even more advanced than runes on paper is engraving large stone slabs with runes, which increases how long they can be used for greatly and lets the rune be easily remade by pouring new crystal dust into the engravings in the stone, sadly these stone slabs would be too heavy to carry around, so they would be mainly used inside houses and other such buildings, but these would be quite expensive since they have to be made of a very heat conductive stone, or even metal.

The reasoning behind runes being used up, runes burning the paper they are on and the use of slabs greatly increasing their use is explained by two main factors, The transfer of magic from dust when the rune is being used generates heat and that crystal dust only has so much magic in it. As the magic is used up, the more inefficient the transfer of magic is and thus more heat. Lastly too much heat will make crystal dust lose it’s magic very quickly and become inert.

So paper burns from the heat generated by the dust and slabs act as a large heat sink for runes, with the best slabs being able to use up all, or nearly all, of the magic in the dust without burning out.

There could also be tools for crafting runes to help make more accurate lines, curves, spirals, etc.

Runes could also work as magic used for enchanting, since it makes sense for enchanting to use a long and complex mechanic to work.

The two problems I have with this is that A. My hands be shakey sometimes and it sucks. B. Crystal can become annoying to get

Crystal is not hard to get at all, it’s everywhere in the crystal layers. Mine it with a sword not pick.

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Oh then why does no one use the televator is crystal is so easy?

I dunno, they don’t need it? They don’t want it? I’m not about to get into a petty argument about an in game item.

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You can get lots of copper and iron in a safer environment by not using the televator.

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Yes, I understand, but the televator is still useful for those who have crystal and don’t want to wander through 10 layers while being pummeled by wyrms. It does not matter anyway because this is a magic idea. I like the idea btw

I think Kind was telling Xeno that the people not using it just wanted to get copper.


That is why there are tools to help make runes.

Maybe you could make some type of stamp for small rune spells that do mundane things so you can just stamp it quickly and activate it, kind of like The Emperor’s Soul if anyone has read that

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Thats what the scrolls are for. Maybe some weaker scrolls could be multi-use, but all serve the same purpose; Prepping a rune before you need it for emergencies.

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Oh sorry, guess I didn’t read it all, my mistake.

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one word: runescape

Never played RuneScape, I’ll take your word for it

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