Salt Farming


I’d like to request the ability to generate salt.


Core concept

If we ever have an ocean added to ATT, perhaps we could bucket salt water into an evaporation station, where salt could slowly be obtained.

This salt could then be sold or traded with other players, allowing for stronger stews and preservation of fish/meat.

Salt would no longer spawn in chests.

A decent amount of wood would be used in the evaporation process, which the salt farmers could buy, trade for or cut themselves.

Salt could also be used as a key component in making paper, being used to bleach it.


Housing integration

Perhaps the evaporation station could be an optional housing upgrade. Then people who live near the sea might choose to add it to their home.

Different sized stations could increase production, at the cost of more fuel and more of the plot being used.

Thanks to Mantax for suggesting many of these ideas.

i love the idea of farming salt. cooking really could use some more content. using it to make paper is also a great segway into making things like maps, letters, and all that fun stuff.

i dont agree with removing salt from the loot table in chests though. people should be able to get salt without farming for it specifically. leaving a bucket out in the open on a public server isnt guaranteed to get your stuff back, and not everyone will have an ocean plot in the housing update.

also love the pfp. cant get enough a that