Saws & Sawdust

Before I start this, I wanna clarify that this isn’t some dumb joke. Everything in this is serious.

With carpentry, I feel that saws could have a genuine place in the game. Whether that be using a 2 person saw to cut down a tree, or carving a wood wedge to make a statue or figure. Of course, with saws, there will be sawdust. This sawdust wouldn’t just be some dumb random item that takes up space. The sawdust could have a use: blinding people. Imagine this: You’re in a fight. Your attacker has an obvious upper hand in this situation. You pull some sawdust from your pocket and throw it at them. It gets in there eyes, impacting their vision. You can now make your escape. This is the perfect use for having sawdust in the game.

Plus hundres of hours of entertainment would come from just playing with the dust like it’s sand because we are all just children


Can we also get wood chips that can be gotten by using machine on handles and wood items? These chips can be used as fuel and maybe to mulch gardens in player houses along with other uses.


That would be interesting for sawing trees down, though some saws are single handled and don’t need two people. Also I don’t think saws are used in making statues and figurines, besides maybe getting it down to size, chisels and knifes are used for carving stuff like that, would be really cool if we had a system that let us put a lot of detail when carving and then after it is finished the object is changed to a normal model since it would most likely take up less space then and doesn’t need more changes after that.

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