Schmee Villiage

At least one layer in the mines that is a schmee village. it has an assortment of schmees and even some giant ones. this place would be considered a safe area in the mines. maybe some access to crafting stations or storage. used sort of like a rest stop. (this was a repost to the new forums from my old post in #ideas channel in the discord)

Also this area could be lit up by large yellow or amber crystals embedded in the ceiling.

Not sure about having something that basically states that the schmee are intelligent, but I would really like a safe floor in the mines to hang out.


If I setup a bunch of light, and some stewing stations and maybe an ore shop on level 3 or so in the mines would you come hang out?

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Idk man, there would be those wyrmy bois around.

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While I don’t think the schmee are necessary I actually do like the idea of a safe spot in the mines every so many floors. Maybe a run down camp that gives us a bunch of stuff to build up. Maybe have some sort of device that when powered with crystals stops wyrms from spawning.

I don’t think it’s really so necessary now that we have the televator, but some quite floors for chilling and maybe a mine town that gives a cool reason to go in the mine besides mining would be cool.

On my recent mining trip a quiet floor would have been really nice to use the washroom or grab a snack without having to find a rock to cower behind.

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I wonder if it’s possible to kill all the wyrms on a floor and have them not spawn for a long time

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having something like a port-a-potty on each floor would be nice, just to hide so you can go to the restroom, either that or have it be an item that you carry. xD

but honestly i love the idea of a sentient schmee village. it would give some cool depth to the lore of where the unintelligent little schmee come from. like an adventurer went traveling through the mines and came in contact with the schmee village, unbeknownst to them some spores traveled back up from the mines with them on their clothing, and that’s how some schmees managed to spawn in the overworld. just an interesting thought.

At that point you could just log out instead, there almost always is a little nook on every floor to log out at.