Seasons (eg. Summer, Winter)

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Whenever you get to working on seasons, you might want to consider their effects on wildlife. Perhaps Wyrms are cold-blooded, and stay underground or in their burrows during the winter. Maybe Spriggulls migrate each spring and fall, like coconuts. Dais (assuming that is the plural and singular?) might be hyperaggressive for Moose Impersonation Week.
Keep up the good work!

Visual changes to wildlife would be great too, like the deer creatures changing colors.

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Dais shedding their antler velvet, and then their whole antlers? Could be very interesting for crafting.


I love the idea of putting decorative antlers and maybe velvet (for the handles) on crafted items. It could add a much more natural look to some of the items, like having a velvet-handled rapier with a guard and pommel fashioned from antlers.