Second back pack

Impossible to build second back pack . After spending hours trying , decided to try and increase my skill by building several small back packs. After countless sticks and dried grass. And a very large pile of small back packs. I still can’t even drive one nail in the second back pack. I’ve used stone , copper and gold hammers. Light , med and dark rolls and straps. Couldn’t tell you about buckle’s because I never got that far. I’m guessing around 8 game hour’s and nothing. Tell me if I’m waiting my time please. And if so PLEASE remove it from books. It’s not funny.

Okay, Ill break this down for you. There is no durability difference between rolls and buckle types, so rolls and buckle types dont matter.

Now, you build the backpack by using a SMALL hammer head on a hammer handle, and hit the nail STRAIGHT and SOFTLY. On my server, we build leather packs almost daily and this is the exact way we do it.

Series of questions for you

  1. Have you watched any YouTube tutorials?
  2. Are you smashing the nail to oblivion? If so, have you attempted gently tapping the nails, limiting your motion to just your wrist?
  3. Is this a glitch you only experience on ONE server, or ALL servers?
  4. If you experience it across ALL servers, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing aTT?
  5. When you say get your skill up, do you mean every time you craft a backpack you gain EXP and improve a skill?

No, the features shown are not a joke. Dunno how you get that impression from an indie game 5+ years in the making with a team smaller than 30 people… if you watch YouTube, you can see 100+ videos making backpacks.

Glitches and bugs are an inevitability for game development, even more so when it’s a cutting edge medium like VR. They debug on a bi-weekly basis(I’m pretty sure), so they can still develop new content while fixing.