Secret Skills/ legendary skills

Hidden skills that you have to work for or completed a challenge / quest to obtain

Core concept
Being a big manga fan I end up reading manga where that are trapped into a game world, from reading manga I though about the idea of what would happen if ATT added hidden quest or skills that players could find or do a challenge to obtain.
Example: you are maxed lvl in archery and one day in the forest you find a note about a legendary skilled archer and it leads you on the path of his foot steps to find a cave with paintings looking like steps on how to use a skill you think nothing of to but mimic it with your own bow and arrow just to feel over whelmed with this new power you just discovered.
Example of a skill could be that the arrow can now pierce one enemy

Personal twist (optional)
Cool idea would be being able to make your own skills by making your own story

I really like stuff like this, mainly from reading similar manga. I like both skills that appear from hidden quests and also one that are gained from hard to achieve (and hard to replicate) conditions like overcoming tough situations, it just seem really cool the idea that a player might end up doing something to get a really unique skill that isn’t overpowered, but powerful enough that utilizing and basing a play set around one can make a player a lot more effective.

Oh the topic of game world-ish manga, I really like the ones that have things such as levels mostly replaced with the leveling of skills, which is a bit like ATT, but we are very limited in the scope of both the amount of skills we can get and the ones we have.

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Yeah I think the same I just hope when the game is in its later stages they will look back at the skills to either add more or change some stuff around the skills are helpful and I like then but like the ones with the bags that collect I feel like no one uses more is it really that impactful I feel it’s just as quick to get to to have a bag and scoop it all up. Right now I feel like their are like two skills for each tree and you just upgrade those two skills like quick shot and the extra arrow from hold the draw back just adds another arrow

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I’m pretty sure a lot of people use those skills (at least for gathering chopped wood and mined ore, the ones for feathers and arrows aren’t really useful it sounds like) bur I’d say it could be cool if those more utility based skills were combined into some kind of reward for a certain amount of skills in the skill tree.

Also I’m hoping there will be more skills and more slots from them in the future, feels like ti could be expanded.

Agreed I’m just speaking from experience but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use the gathering skills either because the server was to laggy so they didn’t even try or they just didn’t have it
I would make a poll to see if anyone uses the gathering skills but I don’t remember how to make them lol

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Sure I can do that, I’ll make it it’s own post.

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Thank you, your the best

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Here you go, one pipping hot poll.