Seeking decent human beings to populate a relatively new server

Ive had my server going since a few weeks before the forest update and since then It has just been me grinding and learning. Ive made some progress, and I enjoy solo adventuring, but its starting to feel pretty lonely. ive put a fair amount of work into the server so i dont want to leave it. I thought I would reach out into the community to find some good-natured adventuring companions.

I have co-run minecraft and Ark servers in the past and have been among the leadership of multiple game guilds throughout the years and I have always done my best to help write codes of conduct and rule systems to curtail the influx to jackasses at all times. I still want that result but this time id like to just rely on the community a bit more. Ive encountered some shitty people on the ATT public servers but the majority of this community seems like good people. so ill give it a try.

Server Settings

  • The only non-standard settings are pvp off, and no item drops on death. I dont typically engage in pvp and have no intention of it in this game but this is mostly turned off to avoid friendly fire. Corpse runs in ATT are more like a nuisance than a challenge. And i just dont want to spend my limited playtime looking for my pile of stuff.

  • I dont plan on resetting any zones, including the mines, unless something goes very glitchy.

Current state of things

  • the blacksmith is fully upgraded with the exception of one of the deconstructors. all moulds but one (one of the pommels) have been found.

  • weight station built in the armory

  • all crafting house recipes found

  • carpentry recipes incomplete

  • sandstone bridge built

  • mining shrine bridge built

  • woodcutter shrine path built

  • dustbowl and mountain pass access opened.

  • televator and the level 10 wayshrine built

Im not going to try to limit people to roles or assigned jobs no matter how big things get. People who come here should be happy to own only what can fit on their person and in their bank vault. everything else in the world should be shared. Ill have a decent amount of resources to begin with but all should do their best to avoid using the all of a particular resource and do what they can to replenish what they do use if possible. Generally, I am looking for people who like exploring the game, sharing the experience with others, and helping other players along the way while working together to keep the town looking good and stocked up. What i am NOT looking for and will quickly remove from the server are racists, bigots, sexists, cheaters, griefers, thieves and people who intentionally harass others in any way.

There are no grand plans for this server. There are no regular events, no unique gimmicks, no themes. If it turns out to be a growing, active community that will change. And i would like to see that. but as the sole current member im just going to see how this plays out first. If and when that does change i do not plan on being the one and only ultimate voice on the matter. i will form a small council made of some of the original members to discuss and vote on how to evolve the server.

So if you, or you and a friend have an interest in playing on a server that may or may not end up becoming something special, and dont mind a bit of solo play initially, send me a direct message and we can talk invites.

Its hard to lay out a road map for something that is largely a hope and vision of the future. but i hope this is enough to attract the right people. Looking forward to playing with some new friends.

You still playing on this server?