Server Item Limit?


Unattended or not stored items disappearing

Reproduction Steps:

Leave something out that you’ve made it found (shields/weapons). Play out in the realm and drop collected (bagged) or created items on the ground or a table. Over time, the first items laid out disappear.

Private - Quest 2 (assuming object limits?)


Dicord Username:
Old Man Yoda

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

Nothing to attach, unfortunately. Just observations.


Three players on a private server. No thieves here. We had loaded up the outside table of the Smithy with four large shields we found. As a weapon maker, I had six weapons of various design within the armory weapon rack. After about two weeks of playing, the shields had vanished. The following week, half of my weapons in the rack had also vanished. The two others I play with noticed the ladles and bowls in the Tavern were also gone.

My assumption is that there is an object limit to loose items in the world.